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at what point do american children realise it’s weird for them to pledge allegiance to their flag and country every day at school and that not all countries do that and how long after that discovery do they realise how creepy it is

why is this something no one talks about because it concerns me on a very deep level

It’s not normal for a teacher to threaten to not let you be in their class to learn for a day, because you refuse to do so. It’s not okay.

I went from a hippie dippy private school to public school in 4th grade, and I was the only kid that didn’t know the pledge. I thought it was weird as shit, but so was everything else. I was too shy to ask anyone about it, I think my dad told me it was like how they sing the National Anthem before baseball games, so I kind of accepted it from that. We are a weird country.

But, later in life, I learned that the pledge actually has socialist ties, (Nazi kinda of socialist, not actual socialist) and kids used to even to do the Nazi arm salute before Hitler made that uncool in America, so we switched to putting our hands on our hearts.

Also the “under God” part was added later, during McCarthyism. Because we had to separate us God Fearing True Blooded Americans from those filthy heathen commies. The whole thing is a weird effed up relic.

So I went from a private school that literally brought in someone from every religion they could find to explain their own holidays to us kids, and help us celebrate them, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native American traditions and stories, and even a Wicca on Halloween, to suddenly pledging allegiance to one God. It was just part of my rough transition to public school. Most of the kids had never even heard of other religions, never mind being taught about their traditions and holidays. We also celebrated Christmas a different way each year to reflect a different culture. My favorite was Mexico because I got the plastic baby Jesus in my cake and we went on Las Posadas. I want to find a way to do all that for my kids if I ever have any. It was all very respectful and we were so excited to learn about different cultures, and they were very happy to teach us.

But of course, my parents were rich hippies, so I got to go to private school until they fell on hard times. And then I had to see what most of America is taught. I am forever grateful for my early education. I feel like it taught me a lot of empathy that most of America is missing. It’s hard to hate and fear someone after you’ve experienced the beauty and fun of their traditions first hand and met and interacted with them.

And if you want to cry “cultural appropriation”, fine, but we were taught by people actively practicing the religion in question, and followed all the traditions properly as we were taught and were told about the weight and seriousness of each. It’s one thing to read about other cultures and religions, it’s another thing to actually get to see, smell, taste, and interact with them. For me, it humanized the world. I had faces to put to words like Jewish or Islamic. And that feeling, that everyone is a human being, that every tradition is valid for those that practice it, has stuck with me my entire life.

Sorry this turned into a rant. America is great for the fact that we have so many different cultures and religions living close together. But the pledge and Christian centric school systems are still a huge problem that make most kids other their neighbors, or makes American citizens that don’t fit into the mold feel othered. It really needs to change. Starting with that zombie pledge.

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This sums up my college days so well. When I did blue it looked like I murdered an alien. My mom joked that I had murdered a royal person in the shower because it looked like a “blue blood” had died in there before I cleaned it up.

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They’ve got civilians trapped.

I love that while the avengers fought the aliens you also see them helping to evacuate people so they are safe. It’s not just fighting, it’s rescue as well.

YES THANK YOU! This was my huge and horrible problem with Man of Steel. No help. Buildings falling left and right. I just kept saying “There’s another 10,000 dead people…oooh, and another 10,000 right there!” And no one cared. It left me feeling a bit sick, actually.

This was actually why I ended up hating the Superman movie. Superman’s weakness isn’t kryptonite, it’s the fragility of those around him. His first concern should be to protect people less powerful than him, not actively cause their deaths by throwing a bad guy through a gas station (with a car full of people that just pulled up). A family of five probably just died so we could see a cool explosion where the bad guy (girl? I only watched it once) sweeps off their cape. He not only destroys Metropolis, but also Smallville. Smallville, where he was raised. He lets those people burn and get crushed and wipes out half the town. And then he probably kills about a million people in Metropolis. And when they tried to pull that bullshit ending with Zod menacing a family so Superman has to “put him down” and Superman cries about it. I’m like, “Oh fuck you, Superman. You just killed/contributed to killing an entire major metropolitan city. But once you can see their faces you remember human begins exist? Bullshit.” I could not enjoy that movie at all.

The Avengers however, was amazing.  They couldn’t save everyone, I’m sure. But at least they tried, especially with Capt coordinating with police to get people out of there. It was clearly a major concern for them, making them not horrible selfish people that forget other peoples’ lives are at steak so they can have a daddy issue fueled temper tantrum. So I actually cared about the Avengers. Since they were both charming and not total shit heels.

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Why I Choose To Believe Rho

I was asleep when Rho put up his blog post, revealing a very large skeleton in his closet. Ward told me about it when he got home and I immediately went to read it.

It made me think about how me and Ward decided to use our real first names for our show. That we did it because we had nothing to hide. Also we had trouble keeping one character our as our mains.

It was a privilege I didn’t even know I had. Being able to be completely open about myself on the internet. People probably know me for my feminist rantings, which have only grown louder as I’ve gotten more comfortable both on the internet and in the community.

So you might wonder how a feminist, a staunch supporter of victim’s rights, hater of rape culture, all around “femmenazi”, could find out someone is a registered sex offender, and still want to remain their friend.

The answer is complicated. I believe in believing victims of sex crimes. False rape reports are one of the biggest flags waved by the “Men’s Rights” movement as one of the reasons women secretly have all the power, and are not to be trusted when reporting rapes. Yet only a tiny fraction of rape reports are false. The stigma that a woman has to be a pillar of moral character and shoulder the burden of proof stops many women from reporting rapes at all. But I am also deeply uncomfortable with the sex offender registry, and how it brands a person for life.

Some people certainly deserve to be monitored for life. Or deserve to never really walk free again. But teenagers taking naked selfies? Guys taking a pee in public at the wrong place and the wrong time? The sex offender registry has gone too far on many occasions. And in California, it brands you for life.

I did my due diligence and looked up my friend on a few sex offender list sites. Doing this made me feel creepy and dirty, but I had to try to hear both sides of the story. I could only find him on one, and under “Offenses” there was nothing listed. It was blank. I checked a few other offenders in his area and their offenses were all listed with arrest dates and what they’d done. So according to this website, he is a sex offender that has committed no offenses.

All of this felt surreal to me, and I felt even weirder seeing links to “Submit a Tip or Correction For This Offender” or “Register to Track This Offender.” You can sign up to stalk and harass registered sex offenders. This gives me the jeebies. The whole system is set up for public shame and mistrust. The thought of having to live with this hanging over you makes me queasy. Some predators certainly deserve it, but the registry seems to go too far almost as often as it monitors someone dangerous.

It all comes back to this harmful assumption that men are naturally predators. This construct of the patriarchy that men “can’t help themselves”, so on top of blaming victims, they monitor men like they’re rabid dogs. It does little to actually protect future victims. Again, the onus is on the public to check the list. Offenders are left to self monitor and self register. It mostly serves to give the police a list of suspects after a crime has been committed in a certain area. And all of it is born of a “WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN” panic. A righteous reason to hate and monitor your neighbor. I can understand the reasoning why we have the registry. I would feel deeply uncomfortable to know I had a rapist in my apartment building. I can see times where it could truly help someone be wary of a dangerous predator. But I think in its current state it’s a good idea gone too far in too many cases. And it brands you for LIFE.

In a world where a 17 year old can have their life ruined for taking a naked picture of themselves, but an 18 year old is now “hot” and “barely legal” is a fetish, the sex offender registry, like every other aspect of how we deal with sexual assault as a society, is deeply flawed.

So, since I can find no evidence to the contrary, I am choosing to believe Rho’s version of events. That he was falsely accused, put into a situation where there was no good way out. I know everyone wants to believe that they and their friends are the exception, that a person you like could never do something terrible. This often leads to people misguidedly defending people who’ve done horrible things. But I feel that I have done my due diligence, and this is not the case.

I choose to believe Rho and still consider him my friend.

As a woman, as a feminist, as a person, I find this topic uncomfortably full of gray areas. People should be protected from predators. But the registry troubles me deeply. Its permanence, it’s seemingly arbitrary enforcement, and the myriad of baffling things that can get you on it. No one wants to be the one to stand up for “sex offenders’ rights”. Looking soft on crime never helps a political career. So I don’t know if this system will ever get fixed.

You cast a broad net, you catch sharks. But you also sweep up fish that were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Unless someone can prove otherwise, I’m choosing to believe Rho is one of those fish.

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I’m back baby. So this is a story inspired by L’Inconnue de la Seine”  or "The Unknown Woman of The Seine". It really is a fascinating wiki read. I did take some artistic license, as no one knows how she ended up in the river, and while her face is currently used on CPR training dummies, I’m not sure if it’s actually used on mannequins. I just thought it would be like an urban legend. If a troubled woman cries beneath L’Inconnue de la Seine she will appear to them.

Trying out a new style to try to fit the piece. Darker and more sketchy.

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Anonymous asked: Cats don't purr at a level that promotes shit except maybe fur balls... Go get a job and dog cat lady

Wow my first anon hate. And over cat trivia. Does this mean I have “Arrived”?


So. Yeah. Hi random weird anon. I hope your life gets better so you can get your kicks some other way. Although I do think it’s kind of cute that your insults sound like you’re an old man. Should I also get off your lawn and cut my hair?